Wednesday, July 27, 2016

SAPUI5 Training Online

Online Training


Next Generation Business Applications
SAP UI5/Fiori 

High Demand & Job Guaranteed

 What is SAPUI5/Fiori ?
SAP UI5/Fiori is the on demand advanced technology having enhanced features for developing all kinds of business applications for variety of Industries from global giant SAP. Unique advantage of this technology is “Develop Once and Run Anywhere”. SAP UI5/Fiori follows the standards of HTML5. 
Greatness of SAP UI5/Fiori
1. High Demand; Job Guaranteed; almost zero code required.
2. Develop Once Run Anywhere(Mobile,Tablet,Laptop and Desktop).
3. You can develop all types of High Interactive Apps with Next Gen User 
4. Easy to learn; quick to apply. 
5. Freshers has plenty of opportunities.
6. Experts can switch easily.
7. Low CAPEX and OPEX for startups.
8. Even Software Installation is not required to start Application Development only 
    Login to its cloud is enough.
9. Easy back end with ODATA, No JDBC/ODBC connectivity is required.
10. Proudly starting pan India just @ Rs4999/-
11. Free Account with SAP UI5/Fiori.
12. Name Printed Certificate with 100% Job Assistance.

First Three Classes are Demo & Free

 Why We Go for Online Training
 1. It Facilitates more than Manual Training
 2. Training Video Sessions are recorded for Future Reference and you will watch 
     them any number of times.
 3. All types of Doubts including Technical and Programming doubts will be 
    clarified online and offline.
 4. Your screen sharing facility.
 5. You will be given Personal Account with login details for online training.

About the Program
---45 Days Hands on Training; starting from  SAP UI5/ Fiori Introduction to        
   Developing Applications.
---Few fundamentals on HTML, JAVA are Prerequisites.
---Internet with 2Mbps Speed is required with good enough Hardware and   

                       Download Program sheet
 Trainer profile 

  • Mr. Rizwan is on demand global trainer; currently switched from ORACLE Corporation as a Senior Software Analyst on ORACLE ADF(Trend Setter) to Accenture for the position of Senior Software Consultant on SAP UI5/Fiori. Having 15+ Years of rich experience he headed so many projects for various clients across the world. He is like leader and master on SAP UI5/Fiori with high spirit passion towards training. As a testimony he trained more than     150 batches of delegates attending from various countries and got excellent response. He is highly paid  motivational speaker too.
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